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4 Terrific Trees To Enhance Your Yard

Here at Chipps Tree Care, we are very excited that winter is almost over. In a separate post this month we talked about how exciting it can be to plant some trees and beautify your yard, and how our general services can help you with that project. However, in this post, we’ll talk more specifically about several species of trees that are famed for bringing beauty, prestige and glory to yards everywhere! When you take the time to plant new trees in your yard, it is prudent to hire a professional to prune your trees in order to prevent problems and maximize beauty!

If you previously had sick trees in your yard and you need help removing an old stump or two, we are more than happy to be of service. Once those gnarly stumps are out of there, it’s time to consider the options for what to replace them with.

Remember: when you plant trees, you not only bring beauty to your personal space, as well as the world of passing strangers, you also contribute to the lungs of the earth. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen in return; trees give you children shade to play in and also help provide them with a sustainable future. There is virtually no downside to planting trees, aside from the limited monetary cost – our tree care experts provide excellent service for a reasonable cost, so you don’t imagine you’ll have to break the bank just to have a few trees in your yard.

Now that we’ve clubbed you over the head with all the ways that trees make your life amazing, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what the hands down best trees are to decorate your yard and breather oxygen into our ailing atmosphere.

Sugar Maple:

Sugar maples are iconic and sturdy trees and just about the most Canadian tree we can think of. They grow up to 70 feet and provide an impressive amount of shade. The Sugar Maple’s time to shine is autumn when they turn a stunning orange colour; this colour will stick around all October for you to enjoy!

Weeping Willow:

While Weeping Willows need a lot of room to grow, when they reach their full growth potential they are stunning to behold. There’s something hypnotic about the way a Willow Tree looks blowing in the wind; they provide a great deal of shade and are extremely impressive. If you’ve got a large yard, these trees are certainly a great option for adding character.

Apple Tree:

On the other side of the spectrum, if you don’t have a ton of room than an apple tree can be a really good option. In the spring and summer they are leafy and green, producing lots of delicious fruit that is nutritious and delicious (and allegedly keeps the doctor away!) Apple trees are famously good for climbing and look great in winter with a bit of snow sprinkled on them.

Aspen Poplar:

Aspen Poplars can be found all through the northern boreal forest – the very forest in which Edmonton is located! They are slender, with pale bark and typically they look good in clusters. If you have a large plot of land, then planting a patch of poplars is a grand idea!