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4 Trees That Will Transform Your Property

Here at Chipps Tree care, we hate to play favourites. We believe that pretty much all trees are great, with each individual species possessing positive unique traits, visible or otherwise. In the greater eco-system of a forest, there is a place for every tree and some trees actually need a dense community of same species trees to survive. Beech trees, for example, are extremely fragile on their own but thrive in dense forests where they benefit from a supportive community environment that involves sharing sugars created by photosynthesis through their root systems – but perhaps that’s a topic for another day. Our point it, certain trees are better for the domesticated purpose of shading your backyard. In this month’s edition of the blog, the experts at Chipps Tree Care would like to submit five of their favourite trees to plant as standalones in the yard:

Eastern Redbud:

The Eastern Red bud breaks into a pretty wild purple and pink bloom come spring, a bloom not dissimilar to that of the famous Cherry Blossom tree, and while these trees will certainly put an exclamation point on the kicking off of spring, they also look great in the wintertime. In the wintertime, their elegant branches are bare but typically grow in interesting, hypnotic patterns. A lovely tree for all seasons.

Red Oak

If you’re looking for lots of shade, a Red Oak is a great call, however, if you’re going to plant one of these big old beasts, you’ll need quite a big yard. These trees grow quickly, up to seventy-five feet tall and are know for being resilient and solid. Exactly the type of tree you’d want to hand a tire swing on, or climb up into if you were feeling ambitious. In the fall, the leaves turn a bright, striking red. The type of tree that could thrive in your family’s yard for an entire lifetime. On the off chance that your Red Oak gets sick or is devastated by termites, chopping it down and getting rid of the stump will be necessary, since they take up so much space – learn about tree stump grinding services in the event that this should occur.


Dogwoods are some of the most popular flowering trees in North America, since they are reasonably low maintenance and show off beautiful flowers and leaves that change colour over the course of the year. Their delicate branches are also nice to behold in the winter. The Dogwoods flowers initially blossom white, pink and red in the spring before displaying a healthy shag of foliage through the summer.

Green Giant Arborvitae

Green Giants are a modern classic, since they look great and can also create a green fence on your property line to give you some privacy from your neighbours. These trees are also pretty low maintenance and you can generally coax them into growing in any kind of soil. The best thing about Green Giants, however, is there amazing natural conical shape that is always a pleasure to come home to.

So there you have it, four types of trees to consider incorporating into your yard. If you require a reliable tree pruning company in your area – we operate in Edmonton and Sherwood Park primarily – don’t hesitate to give us a call. And you can always browse through old blog posts for more thoughts on trees and your yard!