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5 Observations Concerning The Wonder Of Trees

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It’s a whole new year; time to set resolutions, get to work, hit the gym and make all your dreams come true. While we’re still in the heart of winter, you may want to make a resolution now to take better care of your property by calling in stump removal services and planting new trees. We can often get so caught up in work, family matters and stress that we completely fail to notice our surroundings. Once in a while, however, you may look up at a tree in full bloom, or in the Fall, covered in bright orange leaves and remember what a magical, beautiful world we live in.

In this post, we’re going to hone in on a few of the more poetic ways in which trees remind us that life is worth living.

PerspectiveWhen you were a kid, you probably climbed large trees and looked out over the neighbourhood, marvelling at how large it was and how many people lived there. While your tree climbing days may be over, trees can still remind us how large and interconnected the world is. Going on a canoe trip in a National Park and letting your worries drift away, taking a nap under a white pine, you may realize that the drama of human affairs is not so important after all.   

Edible OrnamentsIt is strange to think when biting into a peach, apple or cherry that these delicious treats materialized straight off the branch of a tree. Some kids who are raised in urban environments have trouble making the connection between food and nature, so planting an apple tree in your yard and harvesting your bounty every year will give your children greater respect for the miraculous processes of the natural world.

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Additional Reading SpaceWhen the house is crowded and loud and you just need to be alone with a book, the shady refuge of a tree will always be your best friend. If the tree is big enough, you may be able to literally hide out, enjoying beautiful weather while absorbed in a great story. Just make sure to hire tree pruning services regularly so that a rogue branch doesn’t fall down and interrupt your perfect day!

Cooked Preserves/ Jams – To return to the magic of fruiting trees, you may think that you could never eat all the fruit produced by a peach or cherry tree, but this is where the tradition of making preserves and jams comes into play. Cooking and jarring fruit preserve to save for the winter months is a great summer activity to pass down through the generations.

Excellent Role ModelThis may sound funny, but here at Chipps Tree Care, we like to think that trees are excellent role models for humans. They grow steadily and patiently, they look out for each other and when it’s time to shed their leaves in the fall, they have no trouble letting go.

Now that we’ve inspired you to pay more attention to your trees, you’ll probably want to start thinking about what kinds of saplings you want to plant this coming spring. If you require the assistance of an arborist in Parkland County to remove dead trees and plant new ones, give us a call.

That’s it for this edition of the Chipps Tree Care blog, till next time!