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5 Signs You Need an Arborist

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Arborists are certified tree doctors who have the knowledge and skills to treat all of your tree problems. Although these professionals provide tree care services that are readily available to the public, oftentimes it can be hard to know when your trees are in need of such services.

When you are accustomed to the large tree outside your home, it can be a challenge to identify when exactly you need to call an arborist to check up on it. However, these checkups are imperative to ensure that your tree is not diseased and to prevent any potential harm to your home.

It’s when you wait too long – or try to take matters into your own hands – that your tree can cause you trouble. If you’re not sure what to do with your tree, or it’s spotting some warning signs, it’s time to get in touch with a professional. Chipps Tree is a certified arborist in Parkland Country, and we are fully equipped with the experience and knowledge to provide high-quality tree care.

If you – or your tree – are experiencing any of these things, it’s time to give our Edmonton tree care company a call to get the help of our professional arborist services.


You’re Selling Your Property


arborist edmonton


No one wants a tree in their front yard that is diseased or poorly maintained. If you are selling your property, it is in your best interest to hire an arborist like us to come in and give your tree the maintenance it deserves. A large tree in your front yard shouldn’t be a deterrent for potential buyers – it should be a selling point. Utilize our tree pruning services in Edmonton to ensure that your tree is looking its best.


Your Tree is Making Noises


You probably didn’t know that trees talk to us – but in a way, they do. They make sounds as they grow and adapt to their surroundings, and they make sounds when there are significant pressures put on them. When experiencing the stresses of drought, for example, tiny bubbles form in trees that cause ultrasonic noise. Trees can also make a crackling sound, which is an indication of breaking limbs. If you hear any strange noises from your tree, call an arborist right away.


There Are Discoloured Leaves on Your Trees


If your tree is yellow, it’s telling you that it needs more water – yes, trees can get dehydrated, too. According to the University of Illinois, the discolouring – called chlorosis – can also be a signifier that your tree lacks nutrients. Both of these things mean that you need the help of an arborist to nurse your tree back to full health. It’s important to listen to your tree if it shows signs that indicate it is lacking something.


There Are Mushrooms on Your Tree


arborist edmonton


Mushrooms (or fungi) on your tree can be a sign that there is a big problem at hand; they are often an indication that your tree is under significant stress. Mushrooms can signify root or trunk problems — among other issues. Additionally, the appearance of any kind of fungi can be potentially hazardous to the tree itself. Some mushrooms are harmless, but others like the Grifola frondosa are known to weaken trunks and prevent trees from getting their nutrients.


Your Tree is Growing Too Fast


Believe it or not, there is such thing as a tree growing too fast.  You may think that it’s a blessing that your beautiful tree is growing overnight, but if a tree is growing too fast, it can be a sign that it’s weak wooded and can start decaying. If you notice that your tree is growing faster than you can manage, it could be decaying – which means that its limbs will be easily breakable, and that’s never a good thing. You need to remove dead tree limbs as soon as possible. Call an arborist before things get out of hand.


You Want to Remove Your Tree


Unfortunately, some circumstances call for you to remove your tree. When a tree grows so large that it touches your home or a building, it’s a good indication that you require tree removal services. It’s imperative that you remove the tree before it falls on your home, car, or causes any other damage. The thing is, you can’t just take down the tree yourself. If your tree has become hazardous and you need it gone, it’s best to call a professional arborist.

We are stump removal experts based out of Edmonton and will ensure that everything gets completed responsibly and according to protocol when you choose our tree removal services.


arborist edmonton


Your Tree Needs to Be Spruced Up


Does your tree have dead limbs? Starting to look drab? You need us. Trees require maintenance, and you can’t do that maintenance yourself if it requires climbing to reach branches from high up to remove them. When taking care of your tree requires you to climb or take a chainsaw to your tree, it’s best to leave things to the professionals. We offer tree pruning services in Edmonton that will get your tree looking healthy and fresh in no time.