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A Virtual Tour of Edmonton’s Park: Spring Break Edition

With Spring Break just around the corner, many families in the city and the Greater Edmonton Area are on the lookout for fun and affordable ways to spend their holiday. While some will find excitement with a trip down south, we here at Chipps don’t think you have to travel far and wide to get your kicks; there’s a closer solution. If we just look to our own backyards we can avoid frustrating lines at the airport or untimely motion sickness caused by a cross-country trek. Embrace the trendy staycation this March, and explore what Edmonton has to offer for your family.

To celebrate Spring Break along with our readers, we’re providing a special edition of our River Valley Park System Tour. Any one of the 22 major parks that make up the 160 kilometres of interconnected pathways would be a great destination this March. While there won’t be any snow left for snowshoeing or skiing, you can take the family on a hike along the beautiful North Saskatchewan River. The City of Edmonton offers trail maps available for download so you can plan your trip easily.

You’ll want to be dressed for the weather, keeping a close eye on the weather channel just in case spring isn’t as close as we thought. Whatever you do, remember to equip everyone with waterproof boots to combat the muddy trails. We also suggest you check in with the city’s notice board for trail/park cautions & closures. A quick look will reveal if any construction, erosion, slumping, or other environmental concerns have closed your preferred park.

For those families with young children, the City of Edmonton also offers seasonal Spring Break camps through their River Valley Park System from March 27–March 31.

Junior Rangers Spring Break Camp

For children ages 5–7, the Jr. Rangers Spring Break Camp runs every day from 9:00 to 16:00. Meeting at the Alfred H. Savage Centre in Whitemud Park, this day camp teaches the basics of camping and wilderness survival skills through activities, crafts, and games. As a result, most of the day is spent outside, so kids are encouraged to wear plenty of warm layers. Don’t forget to pack them a lunch!

Trackers I Spring Break Camp

For a slightly older crowd of children ages 8–12, the Trackers I Spring Break Camp also runs every day from 9:00 to 16:00 at the Alfred H. Savage Centre in Whitemud Park. Young trackers will develop survival skills by learning how to build fires, read maps, use compasses, and build shelters. As with the Jr. Rangers, Trackers will spend most of the day outside, so they should arrive with a pack lunch and warm clothing.

To register, check out the city’s Spring Break Camp’s page. To learn more about Whitemud Park, go back to our December post. As one of the larger parks within the River Valley System, it spans considerable green space along the river bank as well as a long ravine carving through the southern part of the city, making it an ideal location for our kids to learn about outdoor preparedness.

Whether you plan on taking advantage of these day camps or you intend to explore the valley on your own, we here at Chipps hope you enjoy this year’s break. How you end up celebrating it may still be up in the air, but we know how we’ll be spending this week; we’ll be travelling across Edmonton providing the area with essential tree care assistance. Our crew of arborists never take a break, so we’re available this Spring Break to address your concerns. Of course, if you are one of the lucky few leaving for a warmer climate this March, we can always arrange an appointment when you’re back in the city. Just give us a call when you’re unpacked.