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Celebrate Spring With Chipps Tree Care!

If you live in Edmonton, Alberta, you’re probably incredibly relieved that winter is over and we’re finally heading into spring and summer. The Albertan winter is famed for its bone-chilling abilities and its interminable persistence, so when it finally comes to an end, few people are as grateful as those living in cities like Calgary and Edmonton. Spring means many things to many different people – it means Easter and mother’s day, an increase in light and a lighter jacket for those sunny spring days. It also means that it’s time to call your local arborists to make sure that your trees are ready for their growth season: it’s prime time for poplars! If this is the year that you’ve resolved to actually plant trees in your yard, then you may want to consult our experts and figure out what is going to work best for the land and for the vibe that you’re trying to create. Remember: Chipps doesn’t only offer pruning services, we also offer tree planting services and removal services. If you’re in the mood for “in with new, out with old”, we can certainly help facilitate that. And if you’re simply looking for our famed tree pruning skills, we’ll certainly be happy to oblige!

While many people don’t know this, most deciduous trees do all of their growing in a few short weeks in spring. Coniferous trees, on the other hand, can grow all winter long on account of the pine oil that keeps their “leaves” alive to photosynthesize all year round. It is for this very reason that our northern Boreal forests are so heavily populated with evergreen trees. Those forests are so ancient that any deciduous trees that once lived there have been beaten out in the evolutionary contest for sunlight over the centuries.

Your yard, however, is not the northern Boreal forest, and deciduous trees can certainly grow there. Deciduous trees such as oak and maple, for example, are considered the best climbing trees in the world. So if you’re trying to create a fun jungle gym with roots for your family, either of those trees would do nicely. Give us a call today if you want one of our experts to come by and give you a realistic quote for planting or removing trees from your property so your family can enjoy the yard of their dreams.

Spring is a magical time, because with everything sprouting, blossoming and blooming all around, we are reminded of the beauty of nature and the transience of the physical world. Winter can be a pretty bleak time, but it gives way to birth, renewal, colour and brightness. Trees and flowers add all sorts of interesting aromas to the atmosphere and all of the green foliage and photosynthesis reminds us of the good work trees are doing, removing carbon from the air.

If you already have a well-established collection of trees in your yard, spring is a great time to enlist our excellent tree pruning services for your property. Well-pruned trees are healthier and grow faster and more efficiently than unpruned trees. If your trees are nicely pruned, you will feel a sense of pride and hope every time you look at the window! Your trees will also be safer for you and children to climb when the mood strikes you!