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Connecting With A Deeper Appreciation Of Trees

As we’ve mentioned several times before here on the Chipps Tree Care Blog, the band of forest that runs through the middle of our fair province of Alberta is called the Northern Boreal Forest. Boreal Forests are what is know as a Biome – a very specific type of ecosystem that exists in different iterations around the world. The northern Boreal forest has sibling biomes in Scandinavia and Russia, meaning that we are connected to those parts of the world in a very cool way.

Living in the beautiful country of Canada, we often take for granted our natural parks and our proximity to amazing campsites. Appreciating trees sometimes means reminding ourselves to look at what a complex and fascinating form of life they are and the way they adapt to their environment. Appreciating trees at a deeper level also means that you will be more likely to spot a dying tree and have it disposed of safely before it causes property damage or lands on the neighbour’s dog! ISA trained arborists are the only way to go when you need to have trees or stumps removed from your property if you’re planning on putting in saplings in spring. Let Chipps help you take good care of your property and create a positive environment for beautiful, life-giving trees to grow.

In a separate post this month, we discussed the brutal forest fires that decimated British Columbia this past summer. These wildfires affected Alberta as well, and it was very sad to know that so many trees – not to mention peoples’ homes and businesses – were being destroyed. It can be scary to contemplate the effects of climate change, but all we can do is try our best to effect positive change by planting more trees and discussing the many benefits of planting trees everywhere in the world. Furthermore, while some forest fires are unavoidable in dry weather (and this summer was one of the driest in recent years), good campsite etiquette and urban fire pit safety knowledge are central to reducing the number of fires we see year over year. If we don’t do better, our forests will continue to burn at an alarming rate.

In downtown Edmonton, it’s tough to find a place to live with enough property to plant a lot of trees. In the outskirts of the, you may have more land to work with. We offer stump removal services in Parkland County, a fantastic area for planting lots of trees, whether they’re coniferous, deciduous, fruit-bearing or mainly ornamental. If you do have a sprawling property, plant as many trees as you can! They produce valuable oxygen, a habitat for animals and a place for your children and grandchildren to play! Additionally, when you’re stressed out from too much work, you can go take a walk amongst the trees and regain your composure. If you grow a generation of trees from saplings, you will feel a special connection with them and come to see them as peaceful, patient friends.

Contact us for tree care help this winter if you need advice regarding wrapping your trees, guarding them against ice storms or advice for what to plant next spring. We’re always happy to talk to customers!