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Four Fun Facts About Coniferous Trees

With winter kicking into high gear here in the western region of Canada, pine tree season is in full swing. Of course, one might argue that pine tree season is all year round since coniferous trees don’t shed their greenery like deciduous trees do – however, in the winter season it’s pine trees alone that provide a backdrop of pleasant green against the grey, snowy weather.

If your pine trees are getting a bit shaggy and overgrown and you require tree pruning in West Edmonton, call Chipps Tree Care today to book an appointment. With Christmas on the horizon, you’ll want your evergreens looking their best, you may even want to string some festive lights up to add to the colourful glow of the season!

While many people have coniferous trees on their property, some never bother to ask why pine trees keep their needles, while deciduous trees lose their leaves. As certified tree geeks, we love to discuss the science of trees, and so today we present to you a list of curious facts about the noble pine tree. You may never look at a fir tree the same way again!

Resin: Nature’s Band-Aid

From merely observing the massive number of coniferous trees across the globe, it’s plain to see that evergreen trees are resilient and strong. One of nature’s brilliant healing mechanisms is resin: a sticky substance secreted through tiny ducts in every part of a pine tree. Resin acts as a natural adhesive to help heal wounds and seal up openings where bark, cones or branches have been shed. Bonus fact: in times past, resin was put to use as caulking for wooden sailing vessels!

Pine Oil: Aromatic & Useful  

The oil extracted from pine needles through a process of steam distillation is said to have many health benefits, in addition to having a pleasant, relaxing odour. A winter getaway in a densely populated forest of pines gives you that same fresh aroma that is so relaxing. This winter, bring the forest into your home! The oil can be used for massage and bathing – it has anti-inflammatory qualities – is anti-septic and will just plain make your home smell nice!


The World’s Greatest Collection of Conifers

While there’s no shortage of pine trees in Alberta, British Columbia is actually home to more species of conifers than anywhere else in the world, with a whopping twenty-five native species. Book a trip to BC this winter and explore the incredible coastal forests! You could also enlist our expert stump grinding services if your yard is marred by the unsightly remnants of dead trees and plant your own collection of mighty evergreens!

Pine Trees Love Sun Too

While coniferous trees can be found as far north as the arctic circle (lovely krummholz trees survive in the most unlikely places), pine trees can be seen in Central and South America and even certain parts of Africa! There’s a reason these trees have thrives throughout history, they’ll survive almost anywhere!

If this post has inspired you to plant some saplings or take better care of your fir tree, then we’ve done our job. If you’re looking for tree removal services in Edmonton, or someone to advise you on what kind of evergreens will grow best on your land, give us a shout today!