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From Leaf To Root: Assessing Your Urban Forest

you live in downtown Edmonton, you may not have a huge property – it’s a tradeoff of living where the action is. Still, Edmonton is a pretty green city with lots of great trails, public parks and a wide variety of coniferous and deciduous trees. In the summer months, there are trees in bloom everywhere and it’s hard not to notice them. Now that we’re heading into fall and winter we’re in for a whole lot of yellow and orange leaves, which has its own charm as well.

If you live in rural Strathcona County or Sherwood Park, chances are you have a decent amount of land, and lots of room to allow for tree growth. While we often advertise our business as tree removal services in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, it’s worth keeping in mind that we provide tree planting services as well. If you do find us cutting down trees a lot of the time, it’s usually for the overall health of the ecosystem surrounding the tree, and to make a way for a new generation of trees that can flourish in a suitable environment. If you find us pruning trees, think of it like surgery: we’re removing unhealthy parts to help the healthy part of the tree function properly, absorb carbon and provide oxygen to the environment.

So if you do live in one of the more open, tree-friendly neighbourhoods in Strathcona, and you have empty, open expanses of property, you should consider calling up one of our experts for a consultation and assessment. If you have a veritable forest on your land, we can quickly assess whether any of the individual trees pose a problem and offer our expert, environmentally friendly tree pruning services if you require them. If you’ve already cut down a dead tree, but the unsightly stump is still sitting on your lawn creating a tripping hazard, we can offer stump grinding services to get rid of it in no time at all.

Once all of this cosmetic and surgical work has been performed and your urban forest is looking good and healthy, it might be time to start thinking about planting some new trees, to maximize the beauty of the property and also to replenish the ever dwindling number of trees in the world. This year the province of British Columbia saw the worst wildfires in the province’s recorded history – between man made disasters such as this and commercial de-forestation, trees are constantly under attack. If we all do our small part to try and support tree growth it will make a big difference.

To summarize: although we often prune trees, cut them down and grind their stumps, we actually love trees; we are performing these services because we care. Alberta is a province that can support a wide variety of beautiful, healthy trees, and we’d love to see as many of them as is reasonably possible. If you live near White Avenue, this might mean only one tree; if you live in Sherwood Park or rural Strathcona, it could mean a small forest. Whatever you’re working with, we’d love to stop by and perform an assessment. Call us today!