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Grimsby Storm

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On the evening of Thursday, April the 28th I recieved an emergency response call from a very close friend of mine (Andrew Hordyk) from Southern Ontario. Without saying hello he asked me to get on a plane. I knew there was something wrong. He then explained that they had been hit by a 100 year storm and that trees were all over on houses and cars, the power was out and people were devistated. I immediately began to look for flights into Toronto. The only flight going there was a red eye out of Edmonton and I would have to be on stand by because it was full. The next flight out wouldnt get us into Toronto until the next afternoon. This was really scetchy news for Andrew as he had already booked a 300 ton crane and a 28 ton crane to be at a park where some of the worst damage was. An array of 110 foot Eastern White Pine smashed through houses and hanging into other trees. …….. As we waited for our names to be called it wasnt looking good. The kind lady at the gate said that everyone was there and we were out of luck. I called Andrew immediately so he could make other arrangements for the crane. He was in overwhelm, he took a deep breath and said `the lord works in mysterious ways and that he had prayed about it`.. then we both agreed that somtimes prayers arent answered for a reason……FRANK CHIPPS!! came over the loud speaker. I turned back and rushed to the gate. The kind lady said that they had some mix up and that a man had checked in to be on the flight but never showed up at the gate. There was one seat available and I was first in line. I called Andrew back and told him that his prayer was answered and I would show up on sight for 6am and meet the cranes.
To my horror I arrived at one of the oldest and historical parks in Grimsby. It was devistating to see all the peoples faces, ones who have lived there their whole life and remember the trees being the same size when they were children. It was comforting to see their faces change when the team of Arborists arrived. It was one of comfort and relief, knowing we were there to helpl…. I was so fortunate to have such a wonderful team of hard working individuals known as Arborwood Tree Care to be a part of. The tremendous pressures of adversity were now on Andrews shoulders. He later said he couldnt have done it without me, but we both know that during times of extreem pressure in life that we can rest in the faith that the Lord controls history and he has a perfect plan in mind. With this knowlege we can face anything and remain victorious over lifes pressures. That point of doctrine carried us through the week, and now looking back it gave us confidence and peace in a time of clear and present danger.
I still wonder who that man was that never showed up for his flight, maybe it was a fellow just sitting on one of the benches that overheard my conversation with Andrew and walked away……

Whoever it was…Thanks!!!!!