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Help Us Celebrate Earth Day

We interrupt our long running series on the North Valley Park System to spread the word about our favourite date in April: Earth Day. Earth Day is an annual event observed around the world in support of the environment. Held on April 22 of every year, it brings communities together as its organizers encourage a strong curiosity for the world around us and an awareness of the issues that pose a threat to our planet.

Eco-activism and climate literacy are at the core of the day’s values, as many education institutions, community centres, and corporations do their part to inspire both interest and action in support of environmental protection. While many organizations host special events regarding this day, we thought we’d share with you our favourite ways to support the environment. Take a look at our short list of simple tasks you can do to help Mother Nature.

Plant Native Flowers

Canada’s bee population has declined over the last decade thanks to pesticide use and habitat loss. There have been many campaigns to help reverse the effects that these environmental issues have on our bees, including the ban of certain pesticides implicated in their waning numbers. You may have heard about Honey Nut Cheerios’ attempt to help the honey bee. They released seed packets containing bee-friendly wildflowers in their cereal boxes, and while this is a good idea in theory, we suggest you get your seeds elsewhere.

Many of the species in these packets aren’t native to Edmonton. Though no flower is inherently bad, they can become invasive, taking over native species or spreading diseases. Stick to your regular cereal and opt for planting these flowers instead whenever the snow finally melts.

Support Local

The money we spend on the products we buy has a huge impact on the world around us. When we choose locally-owned businesses, we’re supporting our entrepreneurial neighbours. More importantly, we’re supporting sustainable business practices. Local produce and other items have to travel less to get into our homes, so it contributes less to pollution and congestion on our streets. It’s  a little early for the 2017 season, but this gives you enough time to scope out your closest farmer’s market and get the details on their specialties and hours. With the Southwest Edmonton, Old Strathcona, and Callingwood Farmers’ Markets gearing up for a new season, you won’t be starved for choice.

Call Us For Late Winter Early Spring Tree Care

Something as simple as making sure your trees are healthy for the upcoming spring is a great way to celebrate Earth Day on your property. We can help with tree pruning, deep root nutrition, tree removal, and stump grinding this season or any other time of the year. If you’re not sure about what your property needs — don’t worry! We have consultants who can evaluate your trees and identify the course of action we need to take.

As arborists, our crew has an invested interested in the well-being of our environment. We do our part by providing the city and the Greater Edmonton Area with essential tree care to encourage healthy growth with low-impact equipment. Help us celebrate Earth Day by giving our office a call. We’ll schedule a no-obligation assessment at a convenient time this spring.