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North American Tree Climbing Championships

My wife and I had the pleasure of spending a week in Savannah Georgia at the end of February for the North American Tree Climbing Championships. It was the first one of its kind. I was fortunate to see lots of old friends and fellow competitors. I have not competed for four years or so as Daddy duty has taken up a lot of my time. I have now been encouraged to return to the sport and am very excited to do so. The Live Oak trees in Savannah are amazing. You can see a good friend of mine in the picture. He is 6ft 6 inches tall. This was only one of many beutiful trees that grow in Savannah. We had 69 competitive climbers cover 5 events in one day. Thats a great accomplishment by some very talented techs and judges who volunteered countless hours to make it all possible. What a great time we had, not to mention the good weather and great food. Im looking forward to competing this 2011 season…..