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The Joy Of Spring In Edmonton, Alberta

Last month on the blog we went all out for a spring celebration post to get the season started right. However, in the weeks since that post, our love for the spring has deepened even more, and so we decided to write a follow-up post to discuss the joys of the season in Edmonton even further. With our beautiful river valley that runs along the North Saskatchewan River through downtown, there is a such a glorious network of tree strewn parks running through the city that it’s hard not to get lost in the expansive, panoramic beauty of the city on a clear summer day.

Even when you’re driving in the city, along the highways above the river valley, you can see the trees and parks for miles and it always instills a greater appreciation of nature. This is what being Canadian is all about! Finding a deeper appreciation of nature in the change of the seasons. In northern Edmonton, where we have a wide variety of deciduous and coniferous trees, there is certainly a lot to take in and appreciate. You can refer to our past guides of trees that thrive in our climate and look great in your yard, and stay tuned in the future, as we’ll definitely be revisiting list based posts recommending trees.

If you need a team of friendly, knowledgeable tree pruning experts to help get your trees ready for summer, or even to remove an old tree that’s ready to be turned into firewood, then you’ve come to the right place. Our certified arborists see trees as a lifestyle and will bring an enthusiasm and positive attitude to whatever job you need doing. Spring is an exciting time because you get to see the deciduous trees in your yard and all over the city come to life; if your trees are well pruned and cared for the bloom will be even more exquisite.

If you’re the proud new owner of a chunk of property that is lacking in foliage, it may be time to put down some roots! Our arborists can assess your backyard and help you figure out what type of trees you might want and where they should be situated. If you need stump grinding help on account of an old, ugly stump that never got cleared, we can help with that too and start to move towards a more visually pleasing yard.

As we mentioned last month, the excitement of spring often feels like the flipside of winter’s discontent. This may be because a tree in bloom and the chirping of the birds is the opposite of all of the small deaths that winter brings. When a forest is strong and in bloom, the trees look out for each other and send signals to each through root systems and other ingenious methods when insects and diseases threaten their health. This kind of strong, life-affirming behaviour points to the inter-connectedness of all things and the sacredness of life. This why love our jobs working as local arborists in Edmonton and the surrounding area: we are constantly reminded of the sublime web of nature in which humans are just a small part!