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Three Trees That Shine In Spring


In the colder climes of Canada (and especially Edmonton, Alberta), deciduous trees are often seen as simply an ornament to hang snow on throughout the wintertime. While you can partially solve this problem by planting refreshing evergreens in your yard, it’s nice to balance out the coniferous trees with some deciduous ones, for variety’s sake. Planting deciduous trees also means that when spring hits, you will be able to watch these trees shake off the snow and transform into beautiful, colourful specimens.

Because every single tree in Alberta gets the opportunity to strut its stuff in the spring months, it is our favourite season here at Chipps Tree Care – Edmonton and Sherwood Park are simply bursting with beautiful, blossoming trees! While any time of year is a good time for pruning trees, making sure that your trees are neatly trimmed for spring is a great idea. By pruning off runaway branches, you free up more resources for the rest of the tree so it can grow evenly and hit its bloom with all the energy it can muster.

Without further ado, here’s a short list of trees that have a bright and beautiful bloom to usher in the end of the cold and the start of spring and summer:

Eastern Redbud

Eastern redbuds are extremely small for trees – bordering on shrub – so if you don’t have a ton of space, they are a great option! Redbuds have incredibly gorgeous pink, heart-shaped, leaves that turn a vibrant yellow in the fall. Fully grown, these trees will reach a maximum of thirty feet, so you won’t need to worry about them getting huge and looming over your roof or your neighbor’s property. They look lovely if you plant a few of them all in a row, and the bloom, when it hits, is crazy stunning!

Flowering Dogwood

First of all, it is undeniably true that “Dogwood” is a fun name for a tree, and you’ll have the opportunity to say it often if you make the wise decision to plant a couple of these awesome trees in your yard. A flowering dogwood is basically an upgrade from the eastern redbud. They grow a bit taller, and a bit wider, with hypnotic horizontal branches. There are very few trees that make a yard feel as cozy as a flowering dogwood; you will love them and your children will come to associate their lovely pink flowers with the coming of spring and summer.

Flowering Crabapple

Producing pink, white and red flowers, these trees can add some serious spring glamour to your yard. They also produce tiny little apples in the shades of orange, yellow and burgundy. Depending on which type of flowering crabapple you plant, you may end up with some very cool fall colour as well! Crabapple trees are extremely resilient and great at resisting disease, so if you keep them pruned and make sure they don’t dry out, they should be in good shape without too much upkeep!

If you need help this spring, we can plant your trees for you – our experts know exactly how to place a tree to give it the best chance of survival. If you need a tree or an unsightly stump removed, we’d be happy to oblige; call us up today and talk to a representative!