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When Windy Weather Turns Your Trees Against You

As you probably recall, this past June saw some of the highest winds on recent record in the Edmonton area. While people mostly think of trees as nature’s pleasant ornaments, they can also forget that when storms occur or fires get out of hand, trees can turn from friend to foe. Of course, the positive effects that trees have on our psychological and physical wellbeing far outweigh the damages that they sometimes inflict, and to further minimize the effects of these damages, having an ISA certified arborist on call and ensuring that your trees are properly pruned is of the utmost importance. Whether you require tree pruning in Spruce Grove or any other region in the Edmonton area, Chipps is always a reliable bet for friendly, outstanding service at a fair rate.

When people think of arborists, they sometimes imagine that they spend their time hugging trees and gently tending to their health. Most of the time, our arborists are doing extensive tree pruning work and helping to remove ailing trees so that healthier one can be planted. Even this day-to-day work involves low impact climbing, rigging and working with chainsaws – this is not labour for the faint of the heart, but it is done with love for the trees. Most of the time, our arborists drive around tending to appointments made in advance, but there are certain “all hands on deck” emergency situations that will push us to work overtime when required.

When there is a serious windstorm, skilled arborists are in extremely high demand. This past June, for example, the wind was so bad on one particular day that there were over two hundred calls put out in the greater Edmonton region for assistance due to property damage, fallen trees and large branches. If you have a large tree on your property and a big branch comes down on your home, car or even on the grass in your yard, it can be extremely stressful. Having a reliable tree care company on hand will help you resolve the problem quickly, but it’s even better if you can take preventative measures.

When it’s not an emergency situation, we spend a good deal of time tree pruning in Spruce Grove and Sherwood Park. When we do serious pruning work in these neighbourhoods, not only are we making sure that the trees are healthy, we’re also looking out from branches that could come down on the power lines or right on your roof in a storm. Thus, any arborist in West Edmonton should understand that the importance of yearly pruning is not simply aesthetic, it is also extremely practical and essential should strong winds arise.  

When trees start coming down on power lines, then the threat of fire emerges, plus the inconvenience of being without power. Out experts have the equipment and the know-how to safely defuse the situation by removing the offending branches without causing further damage to your property, or to themselves. Learning proper techniques and safety protocol is a huge part of the Chipps training process, and since all of our workers are certified and insured, you won’t need to stress when you hire us.

When the dust settles and there’s a nasty stump where your favourite chestnut tree used to sit, you can hire us to perform tree stump removal in Parkland County or Edmonton – soon it will be time to plant a baby tree and watch it grow!