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Why You Should Only Hire Certified Arborists For Your Tree Care

Tree Removal Team

The next time you need help with tree removal, planting, pruning, or other arboreal work, like stump grinding or deep-root fertilizing, look to hire only those organizations that have received professional credentials and certifications. It’s one easy way to you know you’ll have the most committed, knowledgeable, and safest crews working on your property. Tree care isn’t for your average worker in a hard hat wielding a chainsaw; in fact, it’s a delicate and complex process that requires much study, dedication, and passion to do correctly.

A certified arborist is a tree-care specialist who has been voluntarily examined and assessed by a third party organization in order to benefit from their acknowledgment and support. For our region of the country, we’re adjudicated by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Prairie Chapter, which is a not-for-profit that certifies arborists in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, Canada. The ISA not only certifies and recertifies arborists, utility specialists, and tree worker climber specialists, but also provides a handy directory of certified arborists in all three prairie provinces, giving you an excellent tool to find an excellent tree care specialist in your area, wherever you are!

Aside from the chance to be included in this directory, an arborist requests certification to be in possession of up-to-date knowledge and an advanced set of skills in the art and science of tree care. The ISA exam, designed by a panel of industry experts, covers all essential components of the field, including tree biology, soil management, pruning and tree protection, urban forestry, diagnosis and treatment, safe work practices, and much more. The exam proves a prospective arborist’s technical and theoretical competency, provides incentives for professional development, and helps the public determine who in this busy industry is indeed the best and most qualified for the job. Companies and individuals must apply and prove their dedication, experience, and education to be even considered eligible to sit for the exam, making this an exclusive and prestigious designation that is only open to true professionals.

One of the most important aspects of hiring only ISA certified arborists is that they have passed a test with a major focus on safety and ethics. Tree care can be a dangerous field — if you aren’t prepared, or you don’t know what you’re doing. Proper rope and crane use, the proper utilization of large tools, proper safety gear, and dealing with large trees shouldn’t be left to amateurs or people who are trying the craft out for the first time. Remember that safety (yours, that of your property, and that of those involved in the removal process) is of utmost importance, and ISA-certified specialists know this inside and out!

When you’ve got a tree-related issue on your property, it might be tempting to hire the cheapest bidder, employ a close friend, or attempt to deal with the problem yourself, either to save time, money, or to fulfill a personal obligation. But remember: it pays to invest in professional designations. Contact us whatever your tree needs, and we’ll make sure to bring our ISA-certified specialists to finish the job on time, competently, and safely.