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Winter Tree Care 101

Winter Tree Care 101 IMAGE

As we head towards the heart of winter and the deep freeze that it brings, chances are you are not thinking too much about the trees in your yard. Because snow and ice cover over everything in the winter, it’s easy to forget what your landscape actually looks like in fair weather. The truth, however, is that even though deciduous trees are dormant in the winter, they still benefit for a bit of TLC, meaning that they’ll bloom beautifully come spring. Evergreens, on the other hand, are hardier that deciduous trees in the winter, but if they are young saplings, some attention is still required.

In this edition of the Chipps Tree Care blog, we’re going to explore strategies for keeping your trees healthy in cold weather, and getting them ready for prime time come spring.

Winter Pruning

If you need a tree pruned in Spruce Grove this year, winter is a great time to have it done. Because the foliage is gone, it’s easier to assess the tree’s structure and decide where to cut. Pruning a tree in the winter means it will be handsome, healthy and ready to grow when warm weather mercifully descends. Additionally, because transferable tree diseases are also dormant in winter, there is less of a chance of perpetuating the disease in the pruning process.


 Hiring an arborist for tree and tree stump removal in Parkland county this winter is also a great idea, in keeping with our point above, clearing trees and stumps in the winter paves the way for growth and new birth in the spring. If you have a large, dead tree on your property, there is a great danger that it might fall and damage your property – get it taken care of ASAP. Our ISA certified experts can even chop a felled tree into firewood if you happen to have a fireplace or woodstove – sounds cozy, no?

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Mulching & Wrapping

If you have saplings or young trees on your property, you may need to provide some mulch and protection with this winter. Mulching once the ground freezes over offers the root system some insulation from the cold and helps the tree retain water. Also, when the warm sun thaws a trees’ bark by day and cold air freezes it by night, this process of sun-scalding can cause the trunk to crack, which can cause to complications and unhealthy growth.

Deterring Critters   

Depending on the region you live in, rodents and deer may come around and chew your trees in the winter. While the presence of wildlife is always welcome, the damage to your beloved trees is not. Especially for young saplings, plastic guards or chicken wire may be necessary to prevent hungry critters from snacking on your trees.

Snow Removal

Carefully knocking snow off of a trees’ branches can prevent the branches from breaking under the weight. Be extremely cautious when performing this task, as a careless attempt could lead to the branch breaking right off.

When you need a tree pruned in Spruce Grove this winter, call the experts at Chipps Tree Care for maximum efficiency and great customer service. We’ll help your trees make it through the cruellest months!