Deep-Root Fertilizing

Deep-root fertilizer is a fundamental tree service for maintaining the beauty of your landscape. In a forest setting, decomposing plant materials provide trees with adequate nutrient levels to sustain healthy growth. In an urban environment, the trees natural nutrient sources are removed, breaking the nutrient cycle. In place of the forest floor, turf grass planted in most urban areas provides competition for the remaining nutrients that are in the soil.

Our deep-root fertilizer programs reintroduce essential nutrients to the soil. Injected directly into the feeder-root zone, the tree is provided with the macro and micronutrients it needs to be a healthy and beautiful part of your urban landscape.

Living on the prairies means hot, dry summers, and so often trees succumb to the drought conditions that surround them. Deep-root watering puts the water directly where your trees need it, in the root zone. Watering your trees in dry spells helps boost your trees ability to protect itself from insect infestation and disease.

Deep Root Fertilizing
Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Service

Looking to have some tree pruning done in Edmonton, Strathcona County, or surrounding areas? Chipps Tree Care’s Team of professional Arborists provides Edmonton’s most sought after Tree Pruning Services. Proper pruning of trees and shrubs increases the health, safety and aesthetics of your urban landscape. Proper pruning of trees allows the tree to seal correctly, increasing aesthetic value, and maintaining overall health. Trained arborists incorporate low-impact rigging techniques in high risk situations. All tree pruning is done in accordance with standards outlined by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Professional Tree Pruning

When choosing an Edmonton tree pruning company, it is important to hire a professional company who has your needs and your trees needs in mind. Chipps Tree Care’s Arborists are trained professionals when it comes to evaluating trees and landscapes and providing quality, affordable tree pruning. Minimize tree risk and increase tree health by having your trees pruned on a regular basis. Call our office and request a complimentary estimate today!

Edmonton Tree Pruning Services

Whether it’s removing dead, dying, and diseased branches, pruning out storm damage, or pruning fruit trees, Chipps Tree Care’s team of ISA Certified Arborists offer a quality tree pruning service. Let us help you grow your yard into the paradise you will be proud to call home!

Tree Removals & Support System

Trees are valuable assets in the urban landscape, whether you are in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, or on an acreage in Strathcona County, but can pose an increased risk of failure when disregarded or improperly cared for. Chipps Tree Care’s team of Certified Arborists provide expert Tree Removal Services, and can employ techniques to improve the safety of the tree and the landscape surrounding it. Tree removals are performed by qualified Arborists using low impact controlled rigging methods. There is no tree removal too big or too small for our arborists to handle.

The Tree Removal Process

Call our friendly office staff and arrange to have a Free Estimate of your Tree Removal. Once the estimator looks at your particular job, the estimate will be conveniently emailed to you. Within minutes of the site visit, it will be in your inbox. We are able to customize the Tree Removals to your specific needs. We can leave firewood on site to be used in your yard or indoor fireplace. We can include a price for stump grinding if you plan on replanting or re-landscaping the area. Chipps Tree Care strives to make your tree removal experience as painless and as professional as possible.

Chipps Tree Care Arborists are trained in technical tree felling, high angle rope access, and low impact rigging techniques. Once the removal is completed, our goal is to leave your property as clean as it was when we first showed up. Debris from your tree removal is chipped into mulch and removed from your property. Every effort is made to dispose of the wood chips in an environmentally responsible manner. Wood chips are donated to local landowners and tree nurseries to use as bedding for young and growing, as well as established trees.

Working with an Experienced Tree Removal Company

Chipps Tree Care, Inc. is licensed, insured, and WCB compliant. Employees are trained in safe and efficient tree removal techniques. With decades of combined experience, professional attitudes, strong work ethics, and keen eyes for quality control and safe work practices, the employees at Chipps Tree Care will leave you impressed with your tree removal, from start to finish. So if you are looking for a tree removal company in Edmonton, Sherwood Park or Strathcona County give us a call today!

Tree Removals and Support
Reading by a tree

Tree Planting

Planting trees is an easy and effective way to beautify your property. Our Certified Arborists take the time and energy to plant trees to the proper standards, using only high quality nursery stock. Choosing a tree should be a well thought-out decision, and with a consultation, we can provide species suggestions for your specific planting locations.

Stump Grinding

Stumps of any diameter will be ground down to 4-6 inches below grade. This depth allows you to replant your lawn, leaving enough space for grass roots to flourish. Stumps can be ground deeper upon request. Call us today!

Stump Grinder
Climbing through tree for consultations

Consultations & Assessments

Correctly identifying the requirements of the trees in your landscape is one of the most vital aspects of tree care. Have one of Chipps Tree Care’s ISA Certified Arborists provide you with a report of the trees in your urban forest. An arborist consultation will accurately identify any potential high-risk situations or health issues in the trees in your landscape, enabling you to have specific goals, and form an overall plan. Allow you and your trees to benefit from our professional training and experience.