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Here on the Chipps Tree Care blog, we’ve often returned to the idea that a forest comprising thousands of trees can actually be considered a superorganism. Trees communicate through their root systems, share resources and warn each other of predators – they’re much chattier than they look! While many forests can be seen as approximations

With winter kicking into high gear here in the western region of Canada, pine tree season is in full swing. Of course, one might argue that pine tree season is all year round since coniferous trees don’t shed their greenery like deciduous trees do – however, in the winter season it’s pine trees alone that

As we’ve mentioned several times before here on the Chipps Tree Care Blog, the band of forest that runs through the middle of our fair province of Alberta is called the Northern Boreal Forest. Boreal Forests are what is know as a Biome – a very specific type of ecosystem that exists in different iterations

Here at Chipps tree pruning services, not only do we provide our clients with top-tier tree planting, tree removal and stump grinding, we also practice and preach the philosophy and wisdom of the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). This means that we encourage our customers to think of trees of more than mere lawn ornaments

With summer winding down here in Edmonton, Alberta, it’s time to say goodbye to party season and turn our attention to more practical matters. The back to school season signals a shift towards more pragmatic issues and preparing for a long, harsh winter. As Canadians, it’s in our nature to change gears as the weather