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Here at the Chipps Tree Care Blog, sometimes we like to take a break from general pruning tips and talk about some of the more interesting topics in the world of tree growth. If you dig into our blog archives, you can find plenty of info regarding pruning and tree removal services in Edmonton and

If you live in a rental, you may not think about your property all that often. You may have a backyard that you share with another tenant that you never look twice at. Even if you have several trees on your property, it is not uncommon in this day and age for people to be

With summer in full bloom, hopefully your deciduous trees have flowered into an explosion of fruit, colour, and a thick green canopy to protect you from harmful UV rays. If you happen to have a particularly dense backyard, thick with trees of all kind, then you probably know that these living lawn ornaments require a

Last month on the blog we went all out for a spring celebration post to get the season started right. However, in the weeks since that post, our love for the spring has deepened even more, and so we decided to write a follow-up post to discuss the joys of the season in Edmonton even

It’s no joke that simply having more trees in your life can make you a happier person. In the same that plants can make your apartment seem more alive and inviting, having trees in your yard improve the atmosphere and will subtly improve your mood day after day for years and years. While plants clean