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Tree Pruning in Edmonton

The request for moisture has been answered. Although it can be frustrating at times to work in the team all agrees that the benifit to the trees is well worth it. One thing we have noticed is that some trees with poor structure from over thinning time after time, are having trouble with all the weight from new growth. All the new tissue is at the ends, causing a tremendous amount of force along the lower portion of the branch. When smaller branches are removed along the base of limbs they tend to replace the foliaged out at the ends where most of the light energy can be captured by the leaves. Improper pruning has kept us busy with storm calls. One would think that if we had some major winds this season it could be a small disaster. Trees should be pruned for aesthetics, clearance from structures and in some cases subordinated to reduce wind loading. There are limitations to all these practices. Trees are best left alone, however in the urban environment we like things to look a certain way. We want to keep the trees off of structures and try to manage their risk rating. No practice is written in stone. Trees are dynamic living things. Our practice as arborists should be the same. Trees go through different stages of growth and various waves of reaction from their ever changing environment. Sometimes we can help and sometimes we cant.