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Healthy Trees For Happy People

It’s no joke that simply having more trees in your life can make you a happier person. In the same that plants can make your apartment seem more alive and inviting, having trees in your yard improve the atmosphere and will subtly improve your mood day after day for years and years. While plants clean the air in the enclosed atmosphere of your apartment, trees clean the air the world over, by absorbing carbon from the air. The more trees that are cut down by the logging industry, the more trees need to be replanted to keep the air clean and provide a habitat for wild animals.

While the jury’s still out on the issue of whether or not gentrification does more harm than good, it has been proven that trees, without a doubt, can create positive results if they are planted in a neighbourhood in great numbers. A recent study followed a control group of 10,000 Brits, and the result was that people in greener neighbourhoods had a greater sense of well-being, regardless of their job, their marital status or the size of their houses – factors which or society typically uses to gauge how successful your life is.

Here at Chipps Tree Care in Edmonton, we don’t need a study to tell us that green growth means happiness. We get to work outside with trees all the time, and we couldn’t be happier with our jobs! While we aren’t exactly evangelical about it, we do feel that the public population is making the world a better place when they plant trees on their property: you can rest easy at night knowing that you’ve done a small part to improve the world, and having lots of trees will help you enjoy life in a fundamental way!

Remember, in the grand scheme of things, civilization and urbanization is a recent development. Humans are used to being surrounded by plants trees and nature! People living in huge condo blocks without a park in sight are almost certainly at a greater risk of depression. Even if we don’t need to have trees around survive, it sure does help your mood and mental health to have them around. If you love your trees and make use of our tree pruning services in Edmonton and the surrounding area, you will have a greater appreciation of the change of seasons and even attract birds and other wildlife to your yard that your children will love!

Planting an apple tree or a pear tree can be even more fulfilling when the fruit ripens on the vine and you can collect fresh produce every day! It’s a fun way to encourage your children to eat fruit and you can even make jam or preserves to keep through the winter. There are so many reasons to plant and maintain trees, and almost no drawbacks. In the event that your tree is infested with insects, falls ill and dies, you can always enlist or tree removal and tree stump removal services to clean it up at a reasonable rate. It may be a sad moment, but it’s all part of the circle of life. Cheer up, you can always plant a new tree and watch it grow!