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Give Back To Your Property By Planting A Tree

Listing all the essential things that trees provide for our environment would take a long time. Aside from oxygen and shade, filtering pollution, and offering a safe home for varieties of wildlife, they’re an essential part of any functional ecosystem—without them, other forms of plant and animal life simply cannot thrive. In addition, they’re an irreplaceable part of our homes and communities, providing beauty, elegance and a connection to the natural world. Beautiful, healthy trees are the foundation of a great neighbourhood and add character and appeal to your property.

If you have sick and dying trees on your lot, and you want to make your home a more enjoyable, relaxing space, you will want to perform your due diligence by hiring an expert tree removal company like us here at Chipps Tree Care. We will carefully extract and take away your dead or dying trees using low-impact controlled rigging techniques. But once we’ve safely removed the damaged plants from your property and you’re ready to bring new vitality to your home, the proper thing to do is to grow another tree in its place. Where do you begin?

You’ll be happy to know that in addition to tree removal and pruning, our expert arborists also offer tree planting. Our team of certified arborists knows how to best advise you on what kind of tree you should plant, and how and when it should be planted. While this may not seem like a particularly important decision, choosing the wrong tree could have major consequences for your home. Certain species of trees may not be the best fit for your neighbourhood’s climate or weather conditions. Species specific diseases and pests are always an issue, and the arborists at Chipps Tree Care can provide you with ten information required to make such an important investment in your landscape. Our arborists can tell you when you should plant new trees, which kinds of species will thrive, and how to best nurture and nourish your soil. When you plant a tree, you are making an important investment in your ecosystem’s future, and you’re giving back to the earth. The wrong kind of tree will not be able to grow to its full potential. Our qualified team of experts will ensure that this will never happen!

If you’re interested in planting one or more trees on your property, first book a consultation with our experts. We can examine your property to determine which species would be the best fit. Next, after discussing various factors—such as time of year, the nutrients and state of your soil, and which kind of tree will be the perfect complement to your yard, aesthetically-speaking—we can select a planting site. We can also consider how much sun your yard gets and whether you want the tree to cool down your house. We’ll be very careful not to plant a tree where overheard wires or power lines could affect its growth cycle or where underground plumbing could disrupt its rooting system.

If you really want to improve your home and property with the addition of trees to your landscape, you don’t have to do it on your own. Here at Chipps Tree Care, our experts are more than happy to help you revitalize your property. Book a consultation with us and let us walk you through the basics of caring for young trees so they can grow up big and strong. You’ll be able to watch the trees on your property mature in before your eyes. Thanks to your tender care, you can feel great about your impact on the environment and know your trees will be standing for years to come!