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If You’re Thinking Of Planting A Tree, Trust To An Expert!

Tree planting

Having tall, healthy trees on your property is always a good look. If you’ve got the space on your lawn, adding a new tree is a fantastic idea for the near future, but it’s also an investment into the long-term beauty and green space of your community. Whether you decide to stay in your home for many years, or decide to move next summer, planting a tree is a great way to add to the vitality, fresh air, shade, and allure of your neighbourhood.

When you do decide to plant a new tree, our expert planters can help ensure that the new addition grows up big and strong and doesn’t require costly maintenance (or removal) any time soon. Many people decide to try planting trees alone, but know that our trained arborists can put their extensive training to good use and save you the pain, pressure, and labour of planting yourself.

We’ll be able to dig a large and deep enough hole for any tree, and we’ll roughen the earth properly to help new roots shoot through the soil. When it comes to the tree itself, we use the finest nursery stock. We’re extremely gentle with your new tree’s root ball and make sure it’s eased into its new home, and that individual roots are straightened out and ready to grow unimpeded. We know to keep the trunk above ground to avoid potential rot, too.

Once your new tree is in the earth, we think ahead to angle the tree according to your wishes — if you want a particular view from your home, for example, or if you want a particular part of your yard in shade, we’ll make it happen. We also measure and scout the area to make sure the tree won’t grow into power lines or structures and won’t ever become a hazard. Lifting from the roots, we’ll turn and position the tree and fill in soil so that it stands up straight — the last thing you want is a tilted or angled tree.

Our experts know how to pack in the soil to remove any air pockets. We then dig in and give the root ball enough water to give it a healthy start. Part of taking care of a new tree is knowing how much water to administer, and knowing how to monitor the tree’s development. That’s why working with our crew to get this species- and season-specific information can ensure you have a healthy plant in the long run.

We’ll then properly insert a stake for support, tied to your tree using soft ties to avoid damaging the trunk. Afterward, we’ll let you know when the tie’s done its job and can be removed. Before we leave, we put down enough mulch to help the tree absorb nutrients from the soil to grow like it should. This also keeps the grass soft and reduces the chance of bothersome weeds growing in the area.

Keep your property green and beautiful for years (and generations) to come with a properly planted new tree. Get in touch with us and we’ll set up a free consultation to determine the right species, place, and other requirements that will work best for you and your family.