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Why Tree Removal Is So Important

If you live in a rental, you may not think about your property all that often. You may have a backyard that you share with another tenant that you never look twice at. Even if you have several trees on your property, it is not uncommon in this day and age for people to be completely oblivious to the health and species of the trees right in front of them. It is, however, incredibly important to be cognizant of the trees on your property, not only to enjoy their beauty, but also because they can pose a threat if they are dead or unhealthy. If you have a large, dead tree on your property, you should probably get in touch with tree removal experts right away – otherwise, the tree in question might come down right on top of your house, shed, your car or even on a passing pedestrian or neighbour.

As we’ve mentioned here on the blog before, it’s a shame that these days, most people are in such a rush that they don’t allow themselves to stop and smell the roses, or admire the trees. As spring turns rapidly to summer here in Alberta, the brief but stunning flowering period rapidly passes us by; it might be the one time of year where people do actually stop and admire the glories of nature. If you notice any deciduous trees on your property that have failed to flower, they may, in fact, be dead. Trees can die for any number of reasons: if they come under attack by pests, if they aren’t positioned to receive enough sunlight, soil compaction, improper pruning, heavy windstorms, or any combination of the above.

A sad story that you hear very often is the story of somebody noticing a dead tree on their property, calling a tree removal service like yours truly, and then watching the tree come down in a windstorm before the arborists even arrive. This story follows an unfortunate law of reality: so often we notice important and potentially dangerous things only when it is too late. It is prudent to keep an eye on all of the trees on or around your property, and call a tree specialist if you are concerned that you have a dead or unhealthy tree on your hands. Chipps arborists can come and safely remove the tree, chop it up into firewood or haul it away for environmentally friendly disposal and deploy the stump grinding process so that your yard is free of blemishes.

This way, you can set yourself up to plant healthy young trees in strategic places where they will get enough light to ignite the photosynthesis process in the canopy as they grow to their full potential. Keeping them pruned and healthy as they grow requires just the slightest bit of effort, in addition to yearly pruning by experts.

As summer blazes on and you enjoy to warm weather, make sure you enlist a reliable tree pruning service in Edmonton to keep your trees beautiful and healthy for aesthetic as well as logistical purposes. If you see a dead tree on your property, don’t wait until it’s too late – call Chipps right away!