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Beneath The Bark: 5 Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned

The Two things that jump to mind whenever you consider pruning your tree are usually safety and beauty. For one thing, you don’t want a hazardous branch falling on the kid next door and you don’t want your neighbours complaining about an unsightly tree that is infringing on their property. As another blog post this month emphasized, trees are living things with complex biological lives; there are a number of reasons for pruning them that you might not even think of. Chipps Trees has become synonymous with tree pruning services in Edmonton because we truly understand trees from root to leaf, and although we could simply do our jobs and keep our mouths shut, we feel it is beneficial to our clients to understand what’s going on beneath the bark.

Below we’ve listed five great reasons to have your trees pruned aside from simple considerations of aesthetic and safety:

Avoid Co-Dominant Leaders

The phenomenon of co-dominant leaders occurs when two branches at the apex of the tree are competing for dominance. Since they are splitting the nutrients that one of them would otherwise be taking in, they both become weaker than they could be. This creates hazardous problems in high wind and can lead to tearing wood. Having a single dominant branch at the apex of the tree is best.

Increased Air and Sunlight

Although you may think it is a sign of health for a tree to be sporting a dense canopy of foliage, it can actually be detrimental since it restricts the trees access to sunlight, which it relies on for food as well as air. For the tree to eat and breathe properly, the dense foliage needs to be tamed once in awhile.

Eliminate Diseased and Damaged Branches

Like a surgeon removing a tumour, our highly trained arborists can recognize branches that may be threatening to the life of a tree. Common disease such as wet rot fungus and jelly rot fungus softens the wood and opens it up to attack from beetles, woodlice, millipedes and other decay organisms. Thus, a sick branch can be the first step towards a tree’s death if it goes untreated. In the unfortunate instance that your tree dies and you need to cut it down, you can always count on us for tree stump removal services in Edmonton and the surrounding area when you need to get rid of the remaining blemish from your property.

Stimulate Growth Where Growth is Weak

While you would think that trees would naturally grow evenly and symmetrically, this is not always the case. Sometimes a cluster of branches will get carried away and suck up precious nutrients and minerals that should be more evenly dispersed. The result can be a lop-sided tree that looks all wrong. By pruning the greedy branches, you restore order and symmetry to the tree’s growth and shape.

Improve the Fruitful Bounty

Again, by pruning areas of the tree that are sucking up more food than is necessary, you free up the tree’s ability to grow delicious fruit. This way, you can enjoy a hefty bounty from that delicious plum tree in your backyard!

Finding Edmonton tree removal experts who are versed in eco-friendly techniques and properly certified and insured is not always easy, but here at Chipps, we’ve got you covered. For stump removal, pruning, deep root fertilization or anything else tree related, call us for a free consultation!