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The Skillful Art Of Tree Removal

Here at Chipps tree removal services and tree care, we often encourage our clients to personally get involved with their trees, whether it’s fertilizing, watering or doing a bit of light pruning, we think it’s a great idea for you to get to know the trees on your property. One arena, however, in which we recommend that you leave it to the pros is that of tree removal and stump grinding. So much damage can be done to your own or your neighbours property if these jobs are undertaken without the appropriate equipment and expertise; you could even do serious bodily harm to yourself or anyone else who is in your proximity!

The fact of the matter is, a trained arborist is not just a random person who decided to work with trees, we are certified professionals who have gone through rigorous training and understand not only the biology of trees, but also the safety protocol. Also, to be clear, our primary interest is in maintaining the health of trees on your property and promoting the positive effects of planting many trees. But, as with medical professionals, we can recognize when the patient (the tree in our case) can be saved and when they need to be transferred to the hospice. In the event that your tree is sick, it can also spread its disease to other trees and also rot and begin to fall apart. This can be unsightly and unsafe. At this point you would want to do the right thing and have it safely cut down and removed through our impact controlled rigging systems. Our ISA certified workers are trained in high angle rope access and technical tree felling, so you have nothing to worry about with regards to competence and professionalism. In fact, if you want to watch from a safe distance, it makes for a pretty good show!

Once the arborists from our expert tree care services have cut down your tree, there are a few different ways we can responsibly dispose of the wood. If you happen to have an indoor fireplace, a wood burning furnace or an outdoor fire-pit, we’ll chop up the wood and you can hang onto it for your own personal use. If, on the other hand, you’d like us to haul it away, we’re happy to do that as well. We put the wood through a wood chipper and donate it to local residents and nurseries in need of tree bedding for young trees.

Once the offending tree is down and removed, you may want to think about stump grinding if your plan is to re-landscape. Very few people want an unsightly stump marring their yard, and when you have the stump removed, you also make way for a great new tree, or perhaps a flat patch of grass to play badminton on.

Whether you live in Edmonton, Strathcona County or Sherwood Park, you can always rely on Chipps for reliable, friendly tree care and service. If you have any doubts, check out these testimonials from past clients on our website, they speak for themselves!