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Get Rid Of Dangerous And Unsightly Tree Stumps The Professional Way

Do you have the picture-perfect lawn — except for that old, bothersome tree stump? Is it taking up space on your property and becoming an aggravation when trying to do yard work? If so, let our experts help you reclaim your investment and grind that stump down to dust — and into a distant memory!

First, you’ve got to know why having a stump isn’t just a minor inconvenience for your property. There are a number of good reasons why having exposed stumps can spell trouble for your lawn — unless you have them removed. Here’s why:

  1. The first and most obvious reason to have a stump removed is purely aesthetic. In other words, they’re ugly! Your back or front yard can look like it’s been under siege from aerial bombardment and it will lower your property value (or curb appeal) in a big way.
  2. Stumps can be dangerous to have lying around. They’ll be a hazard for anyone playing, socializing, or working in your yard since they’re so easy to trip over. You don’t want to have to keep saying, “watch out for that stump!” every time you have guests or children over, you don’t want anyone to get hurt, and you certainly don’t want to accidently hit your lawn mower or weed whacker against it.
  3. If you leave a stump to rot, it will begin to attract insects (beetles, wasps, worms, ants, termites, and more) that can cause a real nuisance or can infiltrate your home. A rotting stump is an even more unsightly feature of a healthy garden. Moreover, small tree shoots will begin to grow around the original stump. This is a process known as shuckering, and it means these new shoots will be leeching up essential nutrients in the soil that you want to be available for living plants. It’ll also cost you time, energy, and money to keep culling these new arrivals, which certainly won’t disappear without a real fight (and the potential need for chemical treatment).
  4. Aside from insects and new shoots, stumps are prone to rot and diseases that could affect the roots beneath your property. In particular, the parasitic honey fungus thrives on decaying wood and will absolutely devastate your root system. Toadstools and other forms of fungi will begin to sprout up, telling you that the insidious process has already begun!

If you’ve recently had a tree taken down, now’s the time to get that unsightly and problem-prone stump removed. We can always take care of the problem if you’ve hired us to remove the tree — we’re happy to discuss such details in the free consultations we offer before every task. Using industrial grinders best left to our professional, ISA-qualified arborists, we can grind stumps down 4–6 inches to allow for grass to return and the earth to become level — chemical free! We’ll fill in the holes with the sawdust created in the process, as it acts as effective mulch. Furthermore, we’re also able to grind things down even more should you want to do some extensive replanting or landscaping.

Don’t be stumped by what to do with ungainly tree stumps — give us a call and we’ll get your lawn back to its even, smooth finish in no time at all.