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The Top Five Reasons To Have Your Trees Pruned


If you’ve seen our specialists working in your neighbourhood, you might be wondering why we’re often making cuts, taking down branches, pruning out deadwood, and subordinating lateral limbs on various properties across Edmonton (and beyond). One of the most common services we provide is tree pruning, and for good reason — pruning is an essential part of good arboreal care that provides many benefits to both the individual tree and to its surrounding environment.

But properly attending to a tree’s needs requires sound knowledge of growth patterns, structural integrity, pathogens, fertilizers, transplants, and key safety issues. We have the appropriate tools and the years of training necessary to do the job safely and correctly, so smart homeowners are wisely leaving their pruning projects to the professionals.

Here are some of the top reasons why people are choosing to have their trees pruned by our ISA-certified arborists all across the Edmonton region.

  1. Ensure Personal and Property Safety. Branches that have sustained damage from storms — or that are diseased, rotting, full of pests, or all of the above — pose a real safety hazard to anything (or anyone) beneath them. Falling branches can severely damage your home, shed, vehicles, and landscaping, and can pose a danger to people and animals. Having your trees pruned is thus a responsible and ethical obligation for anyone who wants to keep a safe home.
  2. Keep the Power — Keep It Pruned! Trees can also grow beyond reasonable bounds and obstruct overhead wires or streetlights, causing electrical problems or full-blown power outages. This can be especially troublesome during the winter, when storms can take down whole blocks and snatch away that precious heat. Overgrown trees make negotiating busy roadways and intersections dangerous and can simply start obscuring too much for their own good, making pruning a must for trees that grow into public spaces. Remember to never attempt to prune trees that are hitting power cables — this is always a job for professionals.
  3. Relieve Wind Stress. Thinning out an overgrown tree will allow more air to pass through the branches, alleviating wind-related stresses. Howling winter winds put a considerable stress on a tree’s crown, so helping wind flow through the wood will help keep branches in place. Careful pruning can also help with bottom- or top-heavy trees and redistribute weight across the entire plant, making them sturdier and more structurally sound. The last thing you want is a tree to crack, bend, or become a hazard to you, your family, or your investments.
  4. Catch Some Rays. Pruning your tree will allow more sunlight to reach shaded areas and encourage healthy growth. This especially helps if your tree bears edible fruit or beautiful flowers, as regular thinning of branches and buds will instigate new growth (much like pruning a rose bush will make the plant bloom even stronger).

If your trees could do with a generous pruning — or you’re simply not sure, and would like to set up a consultation — then all you have to do is head online or give us a call, and we’ll be able to get your tree care needs sorted in no time. Remember — it’s always better to count on the professionals when dealing with highly sensitive and potentially dangerous plants, so do right by your trees and your property, and let’s give those trees a trim!