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Perfecting The Canopy In Your Urban Sanctuary

With summer in full bloom, hopefully your deciduous trees have flowered into an explosion of fruit, colour, and a thick green canopy to protect you from harmful UV rays. If you happen to have a particularly dense backyard, thick with trees of all kind, then you probably know that these living lawn ornaments require a bit of upkeep. The good news is that they don’t need a ton of your time to fully shine. If you’re watering your trees, doing a bit of light pruning and calling in a tree pruning company once or twice a year for heavier maintenance, your urban sanctuary should be in good health and thrive!

Chipps was incorporated in 2006 by founder Frank Chipps, who functioned as a one-man band at the time. In the proceeding decade and change, however, we’ve added many fantastic arborists to our team, servicing Edmonton, Sherwood Park and Strathcona county. Our clients have come to rely on us for tree planting help, pruning and maintenance, tree removal, and tree stump removal help in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. In addition to offering these services at competitive rates, we also make it a priority to educate our clients so that they can maintain their trees between appointments. By becoming personally acquainted with the trees and plants on your property, you will gain a deeper appreciation for nature’s subtle process and the ever-changing beauty of your yard.

One of the reasons that Chipps is able to offer such a high level of service and customer service is that we truly love what we do! Some of the higher level jobs – working with extremely large tree – require difficult feats of athleticism that can be exhilarating. Our arborists are well acquainted with the latest low impact climbing and rigging techniques, so that they can service your trees and leave a minimal footprint in their wake. Working with trees is a great gig because it allows you to work outdoors, exercise at work and feel like you’re making a difference. Because trees not only make the world more beautiful, but also absorb carbon and emit oxygen, planting trees and maintaining their health literally equates to making the world a better place in a modest way.

While summer is certainly the time to appreciate your deciduous trees, it is reassuring to know that your coniferous trees will remain green and cheerful all year round. Because evergreens are as resilient as the folks who populate our fair province, they’ve proliferated over the years, dominating the band of northern boreal forest that crowns our province. Some folks are tempted to plant exclusively deciduous trees like flowering dogwoods and cherry blossoms in their yard to reap the benefits come warm weather, but we recommend a combination of coniferous and deciduous trees for balance; flowering trees will be barren and naked for most of the year, so it’s a very good thing to have green pine trees to comfort you through the harsh winter months.

As we discussed in a separate post this month, as soon as you notice a sick or dead tree in your backyard, do not hesitate to call an arborist in Edmonton to remedy the situation. As with so many things in life, the longer you wait, the bigger the hassle will be in the end, and the greater the cost. Staying on top of your trees just takes a little bit of effort and extra attention, and there are so many benefits for you, your family and the world at large!