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What Is The International Society Of Arboriculture?

Like the decision to become a doctor, a veterinarian, or a psychotherapist, becoming an arborist results from a passion towards interacting with living things in a caring way. Therefore, it only makes sense that there should be a central organization to ensure that arborists are up to date on the latest methods, knowledge and that arborists follow a code of ethics. While some people may think of trees merely as inanimate objects for decoration, arborists take a more progressive view: trees are living things and an important part of the environment; they may improve the curb value of your house, but their roots go much deeper than that. Chipps Tree Care experts is fully integrated with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), so as always to be up to date on the latest knowledge and to ensure that our employees are properly trained and informed.

To become an ISA certified arborist, applicants need to take a test that thoroughly plumbs the depth of their knowledge regarding several aspects of trees, including biology, taxonomy and proper low impact techniques for working on and around trees. Basically, when one joins the ISA, it is the equivalent of taking the Hippocratic Oath, but for tree doctors.

While some people in our fast paced society wouldn’t stop to think twice about a tree, the truth is they are an important part of our urban environment for several different reasons. Dedicated arborists are generally interested in trees, but they tend to also believe in the good that trees can do for humans and society at large. Studies have shown that trees reduce stress and anxiety, and that there are lower crime rates in areas with lots of green space. Furthermore, trees reduce glare and storm runoff, they clean the air and also have a cooling effect in urban areas where concrete buildings absorb heat in the summer and create massive amounts of humidity. Just imagine how unbearable big city heat would be without the cooling effect of trees!

In short, trees are an important living part of our environment, even our urban environment. They are much more than decorations and most arborists understand the crucial role they play in addition to admiring their natural beauty and resilience. If you want some of these benefits on your very own land but don’t know how to get started, you may need professional tree planting help from our experts. We have extremely reasonable rates and we can always offer you a quote up front so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

So even if your brother in law or your neighbour think they have the know how to plant or prune your trees, remember that by hiring a certified arborist you won’t have to second guess the job. The chances of the tree thriving, or the removal job being executed properly will be much higher and if you have any follow-up questions, we’ll be happy to assist you. Have a look at our gallery of past projects if you want to see visual evidence of our skills and professionalism. At Chipps, we truly care about trees – our attention to detail is unrivalled.