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What’s in An Arborist’s Toolbox?

Arborists' Tools

 Arborists know all there is to know about trees, which is why when you enlist their tree care services, they always show up ready and up to the challenge. These tree doctors — like medical doctors — have tools that they use to assess the health of your trees. 

 From tree pruning to tree removal, arborists have tools for every scenario. As an arborist in Parkland County, Chipps Tree Care understands the importance of coming prepared with all tools necessary to serve your tree-related needs. 

 These are the items you will likely see in the toolbelt or toolbox of an arborist: 

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 A chainsaw can be used to prune a tree, take it down, or cut off dead limbs. While chainsaws are an incredibly useful tool, they are also to be used with caution. Arborists go through training to use the variety of tools they use on a regular basis. 

Hand Saw

 Like a chainsaw, arborists can utilize a hand saw for pruning or removing smaller trees. These are compact and good for precise pruning work. 

Wood Chipper

 It may not fit into a toolbox, but a woodchipper is a key tool for arborists. A wood chipper is a machine that ensures a quick and efficient clean up after any tree service as it can crush wood into sawdust. 

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 We offer quality tree pruning services at Chipps Tree Care, so it should come as little surprise that we always have pruners on hand. Arborists specializing in this sector will likely have a variety of pruning tools in their toolbox, including the following: 

• Pruners
• Clippers
• Hand pruners
• Hand saw
• Hedge trimmers
• Tree loopers
• Pole Saws
• Hatches
• Etc.



An arborist’s work is labour intensive and can be tough on one’s hands, so it’s key to have a thick pair of gloves that allow for precise work but are also protective.  

Eye Protection

 Whether an arborist is climbing a tree or removing it, they will need eye protection. Parts of trees can fly off and come into contact with the arborist’s eye, which can result in damage like infection or impaired sight. 

 Health & Safety Toronto have outlined in their arborist industry safe work practices that eyewear protection must meet code standards. 

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Climbing Gear

 Tree climbing is a sector of tree care that certain arborists specialize in. Arborists who spend most of their time climbing trees will likely have a variety of relevant gear in their toolbox, this gear includes: 

    • Saddles
    • Helmets
    • Radios
    • Gloves
    • Straps and spurs
    • Eye slings
    • Pulleys
    • Etc.

 Quality climbing gear is imperative for arborists for health and safety reasons. Resources like Arboriculture Canada Training & Education are committed to keeping arborists updated on recalled equipment and the code’s requirements when it comes to necessary tools for safe work practices. 

Chipps Tree Care Comes Prepared

 Chipps Tree Care is an Edmonton arborist happy to fulfill all of your tree related needs.  Whether you are looking for stump removal experts, tree removal or tree pruning services, we do it all. 

 Once a one-man operation, we have grown into a small business with a big heart. Now, we are a team of dedicated and certified arborists with a commitment to quality tree care. 

 Get in touch today to book a consultation. Whether you require tree care on a residential or commercial property, we are happy to help.