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Life In The Land Of Christmas Trees

Each year when December rolls around, we count ourselves blessed to live in a place that looks exactly like Christmas should. While the cold, snowy winters may be tough in Alberta, there’s a certain coziness and a sense of community; the feeling that we’re all in this together. Finding a Christmas tree in Alberta is just about the easiest thing in the world! We’ve got spruce trees, pine trees and fir trees all over the place, so we’re never at a loss for a nice atmosphere when the season rolls around.

If you’re looking for stump grinding help in Edmonton or Strathcona, then look no further than Chipps; we also love to plant trees and take care of them, and we tend to think that evergreens look great on any property. The beauty of having an evergreen on your property is that you’ve got a nice big lawn display to play with at Christmas. There’s nothing more satisfying than stringing cheerful, multi-coloured lights around a big balsam fir or black spruce. Not only will these decorations bring you joy, they will also make your neighbours feel the joy of Christmas!

Of course, you can always go the traditional route and buy a tree that’s been chopped down, or even use a fake tree (especially if someone in your household suffers from allergies), but you really can’t beat having huge, lit up pine trees right in front of your house. Another cool option that some garden centers offer is to purchase an evergreen in a pot and soil; this way you can enjoy a living tree in your family room for Christmas and then plant it out in the yard afterwards! This solves the problem of having to dump that sad old rust-coloured tree on the curb on garbage day come January.

Chipps offers expert tree removal services in Edmonton and the surrounding area, but we like to emphasize our passion for planting trees as well. Planting coniferous trees on your land will pay dividends in the future – from increasing the property value to providing more oxygen to the atmosphere and creating a positive habitat for local wildlife.

Another great thing about planting evergreens in your yard is that they require very little maintenance. Evergreens thrive in a northern environment because they carry within their needles a special type of oil that behaves like anti-freeze. This is why they are so resilient: when it comes time to absorb that sweet sunlight and grow come spring, their leaves – or needles in this case – are ready to photosynthesize out the gate! In the upkeep department, you’ve got very little to worry about. They just need a bit of water and intermittent pruning. If you forgot to have your trees pruned this autumn, give us a call to schedule tree pruning before winter hits us hard.

Chipps Tree Care wishes you and yours a safe and joyous winter holiday, hopefully full of delightful coniferous trees! If you need help with anything related to trees, don’t hesitate to give us a call!